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    Pádraig Ó Méalóid writes The surprised looking snake is Sids Snake from UK comic Whizzer and Chips." Graham Tugwell and Joe McNally also noted this. Jeremy Briggs writes, "The symbol on the rear of the green bus is the HH logo of 2000AD's Harlem Heroes aeroball team. Kenneth Horne would find these two characters usually by looking in a rather risque magazine (which he would insist he bought for innocent reasons). Pádraig Ó Méalóid writes, "In the footage from the Rolling Stones concert at Hyde Park, we see a girl blowing bubbles." Jerry Swan writes, "The hippy chic on the left reminds me of 'Penny Lane' from Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous". In the episode the CSI characters are called in to investigate a murder committed at a convention celebrating a 1960s Star Trek -like science fiction show called Astro Quest.

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    Frémiot, baronne de, Saint. The lyrics are references to the works of Michael Moorcock: Runestaff is a reference to Moorcocks four-volume Runestaff series of novels, The Jewel in the Skull (1967 Sorcerers Amulet (1968 The Sword of the Dawn (1968 and The Secret of the Runestaff (1969).  Moore has an eyeball pendant or brooch just under his beard, in the same place that Dr Stephen Strange wears the Eye of Agamotto. Virgo (vir gu) is a constellation, an outer space connection. Descriptive Pamphlet of the Richmond Mill Furnishing Works All sizes of mill stones and complete grinding and bolting combined husk or portable flouring mills, portable corn and feed mills; smut and separating machines; zigzag and oat separators, dustless separators, warehouse separators, water wheels; mill shafting;. Hes called the Bubble in Sinclairs Slow Chocolate Autopsy, perhaps to distance the character in the book from Lambrianou himself, who was still alive when the book was published, I believe. Rodger Kibble writes, " the juxtaposition of the title Paint It Black with a full-page image of the Nautilus, with a deaths-head image in the bows, reminded me that in Century: 1910 Nemo told his crew "Paint my ship black.

    Gabriel Neeb writes "I can't remember if it was the 1964 movie or the Wells novel which showed a UN expedition to the moon (set in the 1960s, flashing back to 1901) that found the Selenites dead due to an infection brought to the moon. The Rutles poster is of their All You Need Is Cash album, a parody of the inner gatefold sleeve of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, down to the poses. Bias sb against sb/sth (prejudice sb against) influencer The media may have biased people against voting for Taylor. Presumably this is a reference to the distasteful Nicholas van Hoogstraten (1945-present millionaire, bully, and felon. Pádraig Ó Méalóid corrects me: The house where Crowley died in Hastings was called Netherwood. On m'a accordé six milles livres pour sex asiatique nancy la perte que j'ai subie. I dont know who the man wearing the goggles and star pants is a reference. '61, so I don't think it's a stretch to think that his accomplice Vinvir Gu stands for Queen Bee. The glamorous criminal Satin Astro teams up with adventurer Burt Steele and fight against Astros former boss Krozac. In Panel 2 we can see Vics V cufflink. (English) (as Author) Raven, Ralph See: Payson, George, The Earth and its inhabitants, Volume 1: Europe. Its a reference to the Winged Avenger episode of the British TV spy series The Avengers, in which a killer vigilante superhero seems to make the leap from comic books to real life. Its fitting that Orlando would have interacted with the lead of Shakespeares King Lear (1603-1606). Rowlings Harry Potter novels the real name of arch-villain Lord Voldemort is Tom Marvolo Riddle. Against (to the detriment of) ( détriment ) en la défaveur de loc prép, mark's errors counted against him in the final scoring.

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    Though it aint easy Its the way Ill make you dance! David Ritchie writes, "Originally the character was Melbourne housewife Mrs. The Songs of Scotland of the Past Half Century (English) (as Editor) The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volumes 1-6. Frim, seen in Black Dossier on Page 82, Panel 5, is seen in the film Dentist on the Job (1961). This makes sense, if that's indeed, as I think it is, an aerial train flying by! Perhaps a hint of who realy runs the country at the time?" Panel. In the year 3000.D. Rodger Kibble writes, "degenerates" - Chas calls Pherber a "degenerate" in the movie, after she has tried to put him in touch with his feminine side, which he vehemently refuses to accept he might have." Page.

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    (English) (as Author) Kilgorman: A Story of Ireland in 1798 (English) (as Author) The Master of the Shell (English) (as Author) My Friend Smith: A Story of School and City Life (English) (as Author) Parkhurst Boys, and Other Stories of School Life (English) (as Author). David Cairns writes, "Is the topless woman onstage at Hyde Park a ref to the statuesque woman who used to dance with Hawkwind?" Pages 50-51. The Satin table plaque is a reference to Satin Astro, who appeared in the British comic Whizzer Comics (1947). Stevenson the Writers of Our Own Time (English) (as Compiler) "Everyman with other interludes, including eight miracle plays (English) (as Editor) Fifteen Discourses (English) (as Editor) Frederic Lord Leighton: An Illustrated Record of His Life and Work (English) (as Author) The Haunters The Haunted Ghost. John Hall writes, "Since the illustration is in black and white one can't be sure, but the circular stripes on Cavor's cap and the diagonal stripes on his tie suggest that they are the cap and tie that members of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). This is the grown-up version of Basil Fotherington-Thomas, who appeared in four of the the Nigel Molesworth novels by Geoffrey Willains and Ronald Searle: Down with Skool (1953 How to be Topp (1954 Whizz for Atomms (1956 and Back in the Jug Agane (1959). Presumably Vince is drawn here and elsewhere to resemble Burton. He becomes Captain Universe, the Super Marvel! (Elmer Leopold) See: Rice, Elmer, Rijn, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Van Rijn, Rembrandt Harmenszoon The Mentor: Rembrandt, Vol.

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